Health and Well Being

If the emphasis is to keep hydrated on a daily basis, and the awareness is to increase overall health – the question arises “wouldn’t waters with added vitamins, minerals, herbs or more esoteric elements be best consumed?”

Straight away, let’s look at the science and nutrition with these additional ingredients.

There is a bottled water product, for example, with vitamins B and theanine, a natural ingredient in tea.  The idea is to calm the nerves and help the body to fight stress.   According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group for information on nutrition, there is no evidence those vitamins are experienced as calming in the human body.  And, as reported in the journal Psychopharmacology, theaine does not affect mood.  (It does counter temporary rises in blood pressure caused by caffeine).

Another bottled water product claims to help keep colds at bay.  It contains zinc and vitamin E.  CSPI’s research points out that consuming vitamin E boosts immunity only if it is taken in very large amounts by older people who are deficient in the vitamin.  Evidence suggests that zinc lozenges may shorten colds.  But that doesn’t mean that drinking zinc in water will, according to CSPI.  Even the bottler of this product admits there “aren’t any studies using water fortified with zinc to determine the effect on colds.”

Taurine is an ingredient purported to strengthen muscle in a water that also tosses in ginseng to boost alertness.  The participants in a study at CSPI took 20 grams a day of taurine for seven days and did a pushup test before and after.  Taurine didn’t make them any better at pushups.  As for ginseng, the evidence that it boosts alertness is inconsistent– and in fact, it appears to reduce alertness under some circumstances.

Rounding out our sampling is a water that contains maltodextrin, which qualifies under the government definition of fiber.  However, it’s a water-soluble fiber, so it won’t keep you regular like the fiber in fruits, vegetables, beans and grains.

*There are dozens more tweaks and additives to be found in bottled waters, and associated with machines that give water a “healthier twist”.  Empower Water recommends consuming contaminant-free water you create yourself. If you wish, add to it, balance its acid / alkalinity, structure, spin or vibrate the molecules– but insist that it’s certified fresh and pure to your satisfaction to begin with at only pennies a gallon. The benefits of a water filter system are too numerous to list here, but please read the rest of our site for more details.