Multipure Water Filter Systems


Empower Water is an independent distributor for the world class Multipure® Water Filtration Products. Ask us about our Multipure® brand filtration units, shower head water filters, replacement filters and stainless steel water bottles.

Aquaversa – This is the very versatile work horse of the Multipure product line. As a point-of-use drinking water system, the unit can be installed below-the-sink, as a counter-top application, or as a filtration system for use with ice maker or instant hot machines. Appropriate installation kits are sold for each separate location. *See NSF listings under Standards #42 and #53.


$429.95 (below-sink version – MP750SB)


$399.95 (counter-top version – MP750SC )


$359.95 (in-line version MP750SI)

TO30000 - Whole House Water Filter
Aquasource – As a point-of-entry unit, this "cauldron"delivers a punch of protection via a trio of filtration technologies: Chlorine, Chloramine, and Scale reduction for 60,000 gallons.

Ask for further details.



AquaROMultipure’s Reverse Osmosis unit. Combines RO technology with Multipure’s solid carbon block filtration. Reduces a wide range of contaminants including Arsenic V, Cysts, Lead, PCBs, MTBE, Mercury, Asbestos, Chloramine, VOCs, Nitrates/Nitrites, Perchlorate, Radium and many more other contaminants of health concern (MP750PLUSRO).



Multi-Pure Undersink Water Filter System The MP1200EL Model
Aquamini – A.k.a. "MiniMe", this little one is the perfect "counter-top only" drinking water system for an apartment kitchenette, an R.V., or a hotel room’s water source. Definitely portable.


Aquagrow - "Organic Mary", quite contrary How does your garden grow? Do you kill the soil’s microbes with your tap water, or do you irrigate chlorine-free row after row after row???



Aquashower cleanses and energizes, making every shower an invigorating experience for your skin and hair.




Aquasplash - Splish-splash. Real easy chlorine-free baths– for babies, big people, and pets.



The D600 Emergency Handpump
D600 Emergency Handpump. For use with both the countertop and below sink units.



Chrome Designer Faucet Model
MC650 Chrome-Plated Designer Faucet



If you are interested in purchasing either of Multipure’s two most popular drinking water systems, please contact Empower Water directly to find out about any special pricing.

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