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For The Benefit Of Both Pocketbook And Planet
“It is wise to take advantage of available opportunities, but wiser still to make opportunities available to others.”—Unknown

An invitation is extended by Empower Water to citizens of the U.S. (and its territories) and Canada to Ride the Wave with a vision the Multipure business opportunity offers to anyone 18 years of age and older.

Please feel free to explore the business opportunity at length by following Empower Water’s link to the Multipure web site:

If you choose to take advantage of the opportunity, we would be honored if you would use Empower Water’s I.D. number (169063) with the registration process.

If you have any questions, call us at: 1.888.663-0444
Multipure Corporation at: 1.800.622-9206

Better Health, Greener Planet, More Income

I still have commission checks coming in two decades later
“My wife and I have been using a Multipure system for 21 years, and although I am now more of a “passive” distributor with the business – I still have commission checks coming in two decades later.  It really is nice to have extra spending money that I put in my “fun” account.  The product’s technology has constantly improved over the years with the testing being the most extensive in the industry for the removal of a wide range of contaminants.  It is always a great feeling to share the Multipure system with people who care about the quality of their water and that I, in a small way, contributed to their health.”

— Will G.  Taos, NM

It has been immensely gratifying to work with a very generous company.
“At a demonstration at a natural grocery store in 1986 my husband and I were impressed with the massive laboratory research that the Multipure offered.  99.9% of contaminants tested were taken out, leaving the minerals in the water (an essential aspect we wanted to have).  I bought one for us and one for my sister in Germany.  We had the filter independently tested with spiked water and, despite the doubts of the lab technician, the Multipure took out 99.999%!  We decided that people needed to hear about this.  We became distributors 22 years ago and the monthly checks continuously astound me.  It has been immensely gratifying to work with a very generous company that does what it says and is fool proof.  No break-aways, no penalties– just incentives.  Great in all departments: from amazing compensation to extraordinary care with its customers.” 

— Ilona S.  Stanford, WA