The Multipure System Improves Your Health and Saves You Money

There are an estimated 82,000 chemicals in use in the U.S. today*.  Every year that number roughly increases by 1,500 as the USEPA approves industry to use (many without being tested for human health effects) these newly created compounds.  Chemicals that have been found to cause birth defects, liver and kidney damage, skeletal, circulatory, nervous system effects, endocrine system disruption, and many cancerous conditions have been detected throughout North America’s ground and surface water supplies.

With all that we have to deal with every day environmentally, we can take a simple step to stem this toxic onslaught by drinking enough pure water to keep our bodies flushed of toxins.

Whether eighty ounces or eight glasses– the daily need is always present for humans to hydrate.  But with the wide range of illnesses attributed to contaminants found in water today, what water is best suited for the lubrication of our skin, brain, muscles, joints, organs, membranes, and various bodily systems?

Multipure Filters For The Home

Bottled Water**Water for sale in bottles does not have to meet any higher standards of purity than tap water in the U.S.  One out of four bottled products uses reprocessed tap water as its source.  Sixty million plastic bottles end up as litter or disposed of in landfills every single day on our planet.  It takes, on average, 1000 years for these materials to decompose.  A plastic bottle (a product of crude oil) holding 5 gallons of water is more than twice as expensive as a gallon of gasoline (also a product of crude oil).  Where is the logic in this?

Multipure Drinking Water Systems:  These systems provide the best protection from water pollutants than any other product line on the market.  (Read on or visit to know why)

This is verified by the independent testing and third party certification of Multipure’s performance data by NSF International.  The registered NSF certification Mark on a product confirms that NSF has assessed—and certifies—its conformity with the relevant American National Standards Institute / National Sanitation Foundation (ANSI/NSF) Standard.  In addition:

Why is this so important?  Multipure’s NSF listings protect you, the consumer, from FRAUD.  It also helps you in assessing the best “bang for your buck” when comparing both the initial and on-going investment with the purchase of a quality drinking water system.  Go to on its “drinking water treatment units” page to look up various manufacturers and products for comparison.

Example: Let’s say that “Brand X” water treatment device retails for $190.00.  It serves a family of four’s cooking and drinking water needs for a year (this may vary based on use and / or water conditions).  It is certified by NSF’s Standard 53 to reduce eight recognized contaminants of health concern for 750 gallons.  Its replacement filter runs $39.00.  The Cost Per Contaminant is $23.75 for the first year’s use and $4.88 for every year after that.  A Multipure device retails for $430.00.  It is also rated for a 750 gallon life expectancy.  Only its NSF performance data certifies the reduction of sixty-two recognized contaminants of health concern.  The first year’s CPC ratio is $6.94.  Every year after that is One Dollar and Twelve Cents (based on a replacement filter price of $70.00).

Do you see how much drinking water systems can differ in price, performance, and value?

Switching from bottled water to a Multipure does away with:

 High Costs  Possible Contamination
 Inconvenience  Plastic Bottles In Landfill 
 Storage     Water Rationing

* Environmental Working Group report “A National Assessment of Tap Water Quality” 12/20/05.

** “2006 State of the Industry Report” by Alvin E. Rice, President and Paula I. Rice, former Vice President, Administration Multipure Corporation