The Empower Water Difference

Dear Water Lover:

My name is Jim Dallke and I am the founder of Empower Water.  I’m writing to share with you what, in particular, makes Empower Water different from the thousands of water treatment businesses in the market today.

Back in the late eighties, I opened the Rocky Mountain News one morning to read a listing of the top ten schools in the state of Colorado that had lead levels over the EPA’s standards of acceptability in their drinking water.  Being in the water purification arena only a couple of years, I read with interest what areas of the state were represented and by what amounts the individual schools exceeded the “allowable” lead levels.

What knocked me off my chair was the name of my daughter’s elementary school there in black and white!  It was ranked #2 as having the second highest lead level of any school in the state.  I immediately got on the phone with the school secretary who informed me that “everything was under control, that I had nothing to worry about, and that the school’s custodian was in the process of flushing all of the pipes of the facility”.

This newly constructed elementary campus (a little over 6 months old at the time) had faucets and sinks in every classroom, a state-of-the-art cafeteria kitchen, a good amount of grass, trees, and bushes to irrigate, and boys and girls restrooms around every corner.  “Flushing the pipes” meant turning on every water faucet and flushing every toilet for an hour and a half every morning before school started.  This was the school district’s “practical, cost-effective” solution for lead reduction.  It was also a solution that I, personally as a parent, couldn’t live with.

LEAD is an insidious poison that wrecks havoc with the human central nervous system, damages the kidneys, is highly toxic to infants and pregnant women, and is attributed to learning disabilities of children of all ages.  Besides being a massive waste of water on a daily basis, the flushing of pipes strategy in hopes of purging the school of lead was unacceptable to me.  I approached my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher with the offer to provide the class with the best water filtration system certified to address lead (and dozens of other contaminants of health concern) for her and her students to enjoy for the balance of the year.  She thankfully accepted my donation, and felt the peace of mind (as did I) that came with the use of a quality workplace water filtration device on a daily basis.

The experience with my daughter’s health protection early in my career instilled in me an emphasis to provide only excellence for solving people’s water contamination issues.  My chosen product line to represent (since 1986), the Multipure Drinking Water Systems, isn’t the answer to everyone’s particular water situation– but it comes impressively close.  The difference Empower Water provides is simple and stated here:  For the certified reduction of the widest range of recognized contaminants in water, for the most amount of gallons per filtration element cycle, at the most economical maintenance price year after year– the Multipure product line (solely recommended by Empower Water) stands alone.  This is verified by the world recognized, independent 3rd party testing organization NSF International (  This is the only purification line I’ve shared with folks over the last two decades and the only one you’ll see emphasized as a solution here.

I encourage you to explore the pages of the web site.  As you do, make note of this water technology’s uniqueness, the opportunity’s potential, and the validity of making a real difference in a world of plastic bottles and questionable tap water by encouraging as many people as possible to embrace ownership of the sustainable Multipure water filter home water purification system alternative.

Thank you, water lover, for your time and attention.

Yours in Health and Hydration!!
Jim Dallke (Owner, EMPOWER WATER)

Independent Distributor: Multipure Drinking Water Systems # 169063