Water For People Water For Life

Water For People (WFP) is an international humanitarian organization of dedicated people who recognize water as a primary building block of life… an essential social, economic and environmental good.  It is motivated by the strong connection between water deprivation and poverty.  The vast time and energy spent gathering water and caring for the sick reduces 1.2 billion people’s ability to work productively.  Women, in particular bear a disproportionate amount of this hardship.

wfpWater For People uses water-related programs as catalysts for change in communities that lack access to drinking water and adequate sanitation.  Working side-by-side with communities to improve these conditions, WFP helps its partners undertake local water and environmental health efforts.  By working as a partner, these people directly improve their own lives so that they can contribute to, and make a difference in, the world.

Since 1991, Water for People has helped educate, guide, and correct people with the necessary human and financial resources to establish sustainable water systems.  WFP assists community members in hygiene projects, fundraising, using local materials, selecting and electing coordinators and officials, and collecting and evaluating data and information.  WFP helps them implement simple, low-cost water pumps, water tapstands, hand-washing stations, clothes-washing stations, showers and latrines.  These workable water models form the foundation for successful approaches easily applied to other areas of life.  When communities realize the far-reaching benefits of a water system, they discover the freedom of improved health, and the value of time and money now available for more productive endeavors.  These lessons and resources can then be shared with other communities, which help create a cycle of empowerment that can impact present and future generations to come.

The need for assistance has never been greater.  By 2015, the United Nations Member States have pledged to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation as one of the Millennium Development Goals.

Can this challenge be met?  The outcome remains in the hands and the hearts of those of us who are willing to make the commitment to help our neighbors in need of water.  Together, by working with these communities in Central and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific, we can turn the dream of clean water for all of humanity into a reality.

Online donations are a quick, easy and secure way to support this work.  Go to:
www.waterforpeople.org and become acquainted with the organization and its successes.  Empower Water endorses and supports this most worthwhile program.

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